Interactive Demos

Explore the Power Inside of the Platform

Interactive Features

Engage your audience by turning your static videos into fully-immersive, interactive experiences

Video Funnels

Segment your audience & personalize the viewing experience with interactive video funnels

Shoppable Videos

Link to your Website or embed your shopping cart directly inside your videos

Interactive Hotspots

Interactive hotspots add a dynamic, engaging element to your videos

Interactive CTAs & Annotations

Timed CTAs in your videos increase engagement — AND conversions

Personalized Videos

Connect with your CRM and enable a custom, personalized experience for every viewer

Watch-&-Win Contests

Create viral video campaigns using built-in Watch-&-Win Contests

360° Videos

Create truly immersive experiences with interactive 360 degree videos

ManyChat Integration

Automate Facebook chat marketing with embeddable ManyChat Growth Tools

Customizable Player

Control the look, feel, & functionality of your video player to match your brand & maximize engagement

Chapter Markers & Menus

Enable viewers to navigate your content more easily with video chapter markers & menus

Built-In Social Sharing

Let your audience help spread the word on your favorite networks with built-in social sharing

Logos & Branding

Add logos and themes to your videos to match your brand and protect your content

Embed Custom HTML

Embed custom HTML anywhere inside your video and have it appear at any time

More Powerful Features

These are just some of the powerful features inside (many happen behind the scenes)

Related Videos

Show related videos at the end of your video to increase engagement & watch time

Video Playlists

Keep viewers watching & engaged with organized & curated video playlists

Lead Generation

Collect leads, segment your audience, & automate sales funnels with CRM integration

Password-Protected Videos

Protect your video content by password-protecting or restricting by domain

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This page is coming soon. Please check back later.

This page is coming soon. Please check back later.